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matthewcurme - Ven Mag 10, 05:38:08
Oggetto: This is good for anyone who is known to have a history with
Since the shoe
fits well going in place half a size won't make much of a difference to the actual natural feel. Also don't feel that there is any additional space inside, the foot is held firmly in position to reduce the probable risk of any injury.

Near the ankles and surrounding them is really a thick firm padding which locks them in place and ensures there's no extra room for almost any slips or movement. This feel is also in place in the middle where the padded tongue
holds the foot strongly and comfortably.

When standing in a couple Adidas Crazy 8 Basketball shoes you will observe that the fit is particularly low into the ground. However this doesn't mean it's flat, in fact some people today have mentioned it being
similar to standing barefoot as there are certain pressure points which ease the movement. There is particular support within the arch of the Crazy 8 because the heel is an important part of the foot and is prone to injury if not shielded properly.

A short and thinned out toe box within the front makes accelerating and jumping much easier as your toes will present more control over action. Since the toe box is made this way it also makes transferring and out of positions
a lot easier for instance moving from standing that will running then defending.

Landing on your feet is normally part of the process that may cause the most injuries as you'll be able to land wrongly or on a bad part of your foot. Base padding about the Adidas Crazy 8 make sure that any shock your feet might
have felt otherwise upon landing continues to be dispersed and thus decreased and feeling or agony. This is good for anyone who is known to have a history with injuries or you might be recently recovering with problems related to your feet.
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